How Often You Should Clean Your Carpet?

How Often You Should Clean Your Carpet?

Carpet Cleaning Charlotte, NC

If you clean your carpet at the time when it looks dirty you are wasting the money you invested in your carpet. The carpet you own really needs a proper care and cleaning a carpet on time is one of the steps you take to keep your carpet sparkled. A sparkling carpet does not only look good but it gives you a nice healthy feeling by keeping the environment clean. A neat and clean carpet shows how careful you are about your personal hygiene as well as the health and hygiene of others. It also shows your love for cleanliness. Clean carpets of your home and office tell a story of your interest in neat and tidy environment.

The question is when to clean carpet if it is not suggested to clean it simply when it looks dirty. Well it depends on several factors. If you live alone in a big house and you are not a smoker or not habitual of any other addiction that generates odor you can clean your carpet less frequently. Similarly If a carpet is used by elders and there are no children, it is seen that carpet can stay clean for long.

On the other hand if carpet is being used in a house that has a large number of family members it will absorb more dirt because of more use and if there live children in a family, the carpet will surely need cleaning as frequent as possible. If you have smokers in your family you need frequent carpet cleaning. If someone in your family have allergies you need frequent carpet cleaning.

A normally used carpet should be cleaned at least once in a year. The time span can be expanded by keeping the quality of the carpet in mind. But carpets that are used by large number of family members, smokers, allergy sufferers should be cleaned more frequently.

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