About Us

Service Pros Janitorial Services Charlotte, NC

The Team at Service Pros Janitorial Services believes that 'who we are' may well be the most important consideration you have in deciding which janitorial company to give the keys to your facility.  We are a locally owned business that believes in the core values of the Charlotte, NC community.  We help office and facility managers who struggle with poor quality janitorial services to have a hassle free cleaning service, so that they can focus on what they do best.


We want you to feel comfortable by getting to know some of our key people at Service Pros Janitorial Services. Arthur Whitt , Founder and President of Service Pros Janitorial Services, has 9+ years in the commercial cleaning industry.  Arthur Whitt knows what it takes to recruit, train, and motivate a committed team. Arthur's skills in management and operations, has allowed him to operate a highly successful commercial cleaning and janitorial service company in the Charlotte NC area.  We provide janitorial, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, strip and wax, window cleaning, landscaping, and power washing services.

All staff members are required to participate in screening, background checks, and proper training before being assigned to service accounts.  We are fully insured and bonded.  We supply our own equipment and supplies.  If for any reason one of our customers are not satisfied with the quality of our services, we go back the next day to ensure that we clean to satisfaction.  Because of our services, office and facility managers in Charlotte, NC do not have the burden of micro-managing a poor quality janitorial services provider.

Our Services

Janitorial Services

Is your business as clean as it could be?


Does your current janitorial service go above and beyond to make sure your facility sparkles?


We realize that your office premises should reflect the professionalism and the quality of your company – from the smallest office detail to the overall appearance of your corporate facility.

Stripping & Waxing Floors

Clean, shiny and well maintained flooring can create a welcoming environment to your future clients or anyone else that walks into your building. Over time however, flooring may begin to lose it luster becoming dull and even discolored.


When this happens it is time for a  Strip and Wax service.  This is when we strip the old wax finish and apply a new coat of wax to the flooring. Not only does this make your flooring shine, but it more importantly protects it.

Carpet Cleaning

Whats the first impression customers have of your place of business?


Many people make the decision to do business with a company based on appearance, location, and customer service.


Don't let a soiled carpet keep you out of the rat race. Let Service Pros show you how a commercial carpet cleaning service can revitalize your carpets and give your business a sharper image.

Window Cleaning

Welcome to Service Pros Janitorial Services! We are your local window cleaning company serving Charlotte, NC! We are your local window cleaning company and we're ready to make your home or business shine.


We offer customized cleaning programs so regardless of your schedule or budget, we can tailor our services to fit your specific needs. Our team is licensed, bonded, and insured so when you hire Service Pros for your Window Cleaning, you know you're making the right choice!


Not only does Service Pros Janitorial Services specialize in lawn maintenance, we also provide expert landscaping services so that every feature of your exterior look great and works perfectly.


As your landscaper, we will create every feature of your yard to match your budget, needs, and interests. Visit us at Service Pros Janitorial Services today and we will show you how easy and affordable it can be to get a great exterior for a great price.

Power Washing

Service Pros Janitorial Services Pressure Washing is a full service  Residential and Commercial power washing company serving Charlotte, NC.


Service Pros Power Washing is a leader in the mobile pressure washing industry. Our team of highly trained professionals, state-of-the-art power washing equipment and specially formulated, professional grade soaps to ensure that your property looks its very best.