Floor Stripping & Waxing

Service Pros Is the Best Floor Stripping And Waxing Service Providing Company And See How:

When we say stripping and waxing service it is usually considered as a normal floor care and cleaning. When you ask what is stripping and waxing from Service Pros, we have a detailed answer for it. It will not only enhance your knowledge about floor stripping and waxing services but will guide you when and how to choose this service.

Floor stripping refers to completely removing old wax, soil and debris found on the floor. It is usually one of the most labor intensive and time consuming jobs in the professional cleaning industry and dedicatedly fulfilled by Service Pros. And when we say Floor Waxing it means to finish and polish floors. The term Stripping and Waxing Floors refers to the process of completely removing the preexisting wax coating and reapplying fresh layers of wax that will give your floors the cleanliness and shine you expect.

Stripping and waxing of floors is recommended after every six months. A professionally maintained floor means more customers attracted towards your commercial building and more appreciation and class added to your personal circle.

Service Pros provides:

· Residential & commercial floor stripping & waxing service

· Types of flooring include vinyl tile, aka "VCT", strip vinyl, lino, & rubber flooring

· After floors are stripped, we apply sealer, then up to 4 coats of finish for deep shine & durability

· Floor finish dries fast and can be walked on within hours

Floor scrubbing & re-coating can be done after months of traffic to remove scuffs & scratches in wax and floor burnishing can be done to remove light scuffs & scratches. We suggest and guide our customers about right time to ask for this service to keep their floor maintained.

Let us make your floors sparkling, glowing and welcoming. Let us participate in enhancing your popularity as owner of neat, clean sparkling and glowing floors.

Call Service Pros today to schedule a free quote for your desired service in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas.

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